Twisted Heart Part 3

The door slowly swung open as Grace dashed back to her bed. She slipped the boys wallet from his coat pocket and jumped into bed. Eventhough she still didn’t have full control of her body she still tried to move about as much as she could, she didn’t see why not as it seemed to be her head that was the problem. His emerald eyes shining, the boy bought over a plate of pasta and swiftly left again. Trying not to disturb grace. She took the wallet from under her the curve of her back, the stiff black leather crumbled as she touched it. All the pockets bursting with old receipts and bits of loose change, she took out what looked like an ID card. She studied it close:

 Jamie Dorfasun

What a strange name? She studied all the other cards yet nothing seemed to make sense, how did he find her? Why is he staying? The door opened again , grace hid the wallet under her sheets. It was a nurse,

” Hello grace, hope you’re feeling better- doctor will be in 20 minutes to check you over.” Grace just nodded. The nurse left picking up the old flowers that were dead and fragile. A sudden shoot of pain stabbed the back of graces hands. She looked down and everything went into a purple blur.


Twisted Heart Part 2

Graces eyes slowly fluttered open, people were cheering and she felt the warm carress of someones hand on hers. She sat up and looked around, greens and whites, lots of technical equipment. It didn’t make sense. Looking down at her body she noticed she was wearing a green gown with little blue dots on it.

“Its OK we’ve got you, you’re safe now” said a voice. A boy with brown curly hair looked up- his eyes an emerald green that shimmered. He spoke again this time his voice softer.

” Don’t be afraid girl, we have you” Grace looked around the room there was a notice on the side that stated:

Ward 7  

She put her hands to her mouth in schook, but insted of feeling the warmth of her lips she felt metal and bandages, she went to open her mouth- she couldn’t. The boy handed her a peice of paper, grace wrote:

Why am i here? Where am i? Who are you?

He spoke with a subtle calm voice

“You are in a hospital, I am Jamie and you’re here for many reasons…………”

Before he could finish he burst out in tears. Graces head span as she tried to work this all out.

Twisted Heart Part 1

Grace had never seen this place before, the signs that pointed all at jagged angles were just a confused mumble of letters. The few people on the street passed as they sniggered and murmered hideous jokes. Grace tightened the straps on her rucksack and headed for shelter, she composed herself under a bus-stop. She sat and complexed the reasons why she’d even ran away in the first place- the mornings events flowing back into her memory as a wave nightmares. She squeezed her other hand to calm herself down. All she could think about was mum, mum just hadn’t been the same since justin went to live with them. Grace jerked as the shiver of the icey breeze hit her spine.

“Who are you?” she heard a whisper from behind her. She jaunted back to find a graffitied wall- was she imagining this or was she stuck in an enchanted nightmare?

Final Chapter in French

Seina se tenait là, les larmes coulant de ses yeux. Création d’une rivière au-dessous d’elle. Les filles ont tous essayé de prendre le manteau elle. Si vous tirez dans toutes les directions. Soudain son manteau déchiré en deux droites. Deux belles ailes blanches éclaté hors. Les réactions ont été inestimables que les bouches de tous étaient grandes ouvertes. En dehors de Dalia, qui a juste regardé le sol. Souhaitant que ce n’était jamais arrivé. Mlle s’est effondré et est tombé au sol avec un bruit sourd. Mélodie a donné un ricanement méchant et se dirigea vers Seina. Elle lerched au Seina l’emmener à la terre et de briser son aile. La puissance drainé de son corps. Seina juste couru, couru sur la plage. Dalia courut après elle crier pour elle de s’arrêter. Seina fait. Mais comme elle a été arrêtée Dalia dans une telle précipitation qu’elle transportait sur ​​l’exécution. Dalia crashd en garçon. Seina l’ai reconnu. Jake O’Durraher. Il eut un rire mauvais.

«Alors, nous nous reverrons Seina at-il commenté.

Jake s’approcha de Seina. Il a commencé à jeter des menaces contre elle. Dalia a essayé de intefer. Jack a sorti sa baguette et Dalia zappé. Elle se sentir à l’ground.It a été la fin de son. Seina regarda avec des yeux mauvais.

«Qu’est-ce? Elle le méritait! Dit Jake.

‘Est votre prochaine! “At-il ajouté.

Il alla vers elle. Il a déchiré de ses ailes. Seina était tourbillonnaient dans une tornade de feu violet. Elle s’est retrouvée dans une grotte. Le verre brisé brisé jeter autour d’elle. Tout s’était passé de nouveau. Combien de fois aurait-elle passer par ce?


Broken wing : Final Chapter

Seina stood there, tears flowing out of her eyes. Creating a river below her. The girls all tried to take the coat off her. Pulling it in every direction . Suddenly her coat ripped straight in half. Two beautiful white wings bursted out. The reactions were priceless as everyone’s mouths were wide open. Apart from Dalia, who just looked at the ground. Wishing that this had never happened. Miss collapsed and fell to the ground with a thud. Melodie gave a wicked cackle and walked over to Seina.  She lerched at Seina taking her to the ground and breaking her wing. The power drained from her body. Seina just ran and ran down the beach. Dalia ran after her yelling for her to stop. Seina did. But as she stopped Dalia was in such a rush that she carried on running . Dalia crashd into a boy. Seina recognised him. Jake O’Durraher.  He gave an evil laugh.

‘So we meet again Seina’ He commented.

Jake went closer to Seina. He started throwing threats at her. Dalia tried to intefer. Jack took out his wand and zapped Dalia. She feel to the ground.It was the end of her. Seina looked at him with evil eyes.

‘What ? She deserved it !!’Said Jake.

‘Next is you!’ He added.

He went towards her. He ripped of her wings . Seina was whirled around in a tornado of purple lights . She ended up in a cave. Broken glass lay shattered around her. It had all happened again. How many times would she have to go through this ??


Broken Wing : Chapter 10

Miss Dalagur looked at Seina in a wide eyed way. Seina  just hid her head in the ruffles of her coat. Miss just yelled

‘Don’t tell me lies you brat! Get your costume on and go into the sand.Get changed behind the bus!’

Seina went to behind the bus. She came out dressed in a bright orange costume. It was baggy in every possible place .But she still wore the coat ontop . Melodie just laughed and whispered to everyone around.  Miss came over and told her to take off her coat. But everyone would see. Seina cried into the faux fur of her duffle coat.  Every tear was like a memory. They were all washing away into the deep sand.

Broken Wing : Chapter 9

The mini-bus ride there was horrible. Seina sat there being sniggered at by nearly everyone. Apart from Dalia who is the only who knows about the WINGS. Seina’s coat rubbed against her skin, causing some friction just like the bus ride. The voices echoed in her ears like chruch bells.  Dalia asked her if she was OK but Seina was too busy staring out the window , drawing funny swirls on  the glass. They had arrived. Seina was squished between everyone. The last one to get off the bus, Again !! Miss . Dalgaha her orphange helper asked her if she had her swimming costume. She lied and said she had forgotten it. But the other girls knew she was lying.

‘Miss , Seina’s lying! It’s in her bag!’

Said Melodie in a horrible devilish tone. Melodie was the ‘Top Girl’ at the orhanage. Every lie Seina told Melodie would be there saying the truth. She hated Seina. Seina hated her.